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Here you’ll find answers to questions you may have about our tours.


We know things happen, planned or unplanned. That’s life getting in the way of us trying to have fun. If you do need or want to cancel then please contact us and discuss. Please have your booking reference or tour date/time handy and contact us by:

t: 0411 166586

e: [email protected]

In the event that you cancel the Tour, we will try and schedule you in on another tour, or, refund you as follows:

(a) 100% of the Tour price is refundable up to 3 days prior to the tour date;

(b) 75% of the Tour price is refundable between 72 to 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the Tour; and

(c) No refund will be available less than 24 hours prior commencement of the Tour.

Sometimes we need to cancel a tour. It’s unusual, but it does happen occasionally. It might be the weather. It might be a safety issue. It may be a clash with a major event that doesn’t allow us to give you the best possible experience.

We will obviously try and re-schedule you onto another tour.

We will notify you by email or text.

Below is our policy should your tour not proceed:

(a) The Tour will be re-scheduled to accommodate the Participant’s convenience; or

(b) The Participant will be reimbursed the price paid for the Tour,

but otherwise the Participant shall have no claim whatsoever (including no claim for travel expenses or any other out of pocket expenses) relating to the cancellation of the Tour.


All our tours are conducted in English. We do require at least one person in the group to have some English language skill, so they can understand some basic instructions. This person will be required to translate safety instructions and knowledge to the non-English speaking guest.  We can arrange translators in some languages. Please advise us if you would like us to try and locate a translator to join the tour.

Bike Tours

Our smallest bikes are 24” wheels that suit 120cm person and above, or about the size of an average 7-year-old.

Yes, all bike users in WA must wear a helmet that is properly fastened. We will provide you with a helmet, or feel free to bring to your own.

Yes, as our bikes have a maximum weight of 136kgs.

Yes, you will need to be able to ride a bike.

Each ride has an Activity Rating.

Easy is very flat and we stop often for photos and to enjoy the experience. You just need basic fitness to allow about 60 minutes of light exercise. As a guide you could do a Grade 1 tour if you ride once or twice a year.

Medium tours involve some hills and you need to be able to exercise with some periods of increased heartbeat. At all times you can dismount and walk your bike up or down a hill.  On a Medium tour it would be recommended that you ride at least 4 times a year.

Kayak Tours

Our kayaks have a maximum weight range of 125kgs for each person.

No. Our tour guide will help you develop the skills you need to participate safely and have fun on the water.

All of our guests use double sit-on top kayaks on our tours.

We will provide each guest with a life jacket. We have a variety of sizes to ensure all our guests have an appropriate flotation device.

We also carry first aid kits with us at all times and are qualified first aid officers.

We recommend wearing clothes you are comfortable exercising in and that you don’t mind getting wet. It’s not likely that you’ll fall in, but you might get splashed.

You may also like to bring some shoes that can be worn in the water like reef shoes, wetsuit shoes or old sandshoes (not essential).

We’d also recommend you bring a full water bottle and a small amount of money for the cafe stop.

If you are ‘travelling solo’, we’ll do our best to pair you with another compatible solo traveler, or, depending on group numbers, you may end up paddling with your guide.

No but you should have a basic ability to swim. All of our guests are required to wear Personal Flotation Devices (lifejackets) whilst kayaking.

We paddle for about 30 minutes before having a break. We then paddle for another 30 minutes on our return journey.