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Why Inflatable Kayaks?

Inflatable Kayak technology has come a long way over the last few years. What was once a ‘one season disposable pool toy’ is now a unique paddlesport product with cutting edge technology that excels in performance, quality and portability.  Engineered in California, the Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks are tough, durable and super convenient, storing in a duffle bag that takes up very little room. They are lightweight, easy to transport and best of all, quick and easy to set up or pack down.

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks – reasons why

  • Very stable, comfortable & safe to paddle
  • Require no roof racks
  • Easy to store at home – in the garage, shed or spare room
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Perfect to take on holidays – just throw the bag in the boot, caravan or trailer
  • Conveniently tucks away into a storage bag


Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks – the ultimate in performance

  • An aluminium rib frame in the bow increases paddling performance allowing the kayak to cut through the water like a knife
  • An aluminium rib frame in the stern acts like a skeg to provide trackability that rivals hard-shell kayaks
  • The multi-layer construction and high tech fabrics ensure maximum durability
  •  Multiple air chambers provide maximum safety when out on the water 
  • The time taken unpack, inflate and hit the water can be as little as  3 minutes for the Sports up to to 12 minutes for the largest tandem kayak


Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks – how to choose

  • Different kayaks suit different water conditions
  • The height, weight and experience of the paddler


If you are unsure on which kayak to choose, then please;

  • contact us to discuss your options -phone, email or web page contact us form
  • visit us at our Rossmoyne, Perth, WA showroom –  but please make an appointment
  • try before you buy and test paddle a kayak – Rossmoyne, Perth WA only
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Why Choose Us?

Why Buy from GoGo Active Tours and Adventure Equipment?

We use inflatable kayaks in our guided tour business. We pump them up and pack them away multiple times a week. We know all the tricks and cleaning tips to help you.

When you purchase a kayak from us and pick it up, we will take you through the pump-up and pack-down process. We will show you all the little lessons we have learnt, the shortcuts and how to look after your kayak.

We offer anyone who has purchased a kayak from us a 30% discount to join any of our regular kayaking tours. Bring your new kayak along and;

  • Get assistance and reassurance on setup
  • Develop confidence and improve your paddling skills under the watchful eye of our experienced guides
  • Explore new locations around Perth and meet fellow paddlers

All the kayaks and Advanced Elements products come with a 1-year guarantee. Should you have any issues, contact us, and we will sort out your problems as quickly as possible.

Fast deliveries. We carry large quantities of stock in Perth, Western Australia, to allow for same-day pickup or dispatch to you quickly.

We take credit cards through our online shop. If you prefer to pay by direct debit, please contact us, and we can send you an invoice.

For more information, watch our promotional video on the inflatable kayaks.

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